Maggie and Brendan had selected an iconic venue, the Boston Public Library, for their special day. To greet their guests, they were looking for a Welcome Box that would not only provide sustenance, but also share their passion for New England and their beloved canine companion with their family and friends. 

LUX BOX sourced local treats with Massachusetts-grown apples, classic Boston-based Chipyard Cookies, a delicious and hearty Lucy's Granola Toffee Bar from Maine, Cape Cod Chips, and water bottles. To recover from what was sure to be a fun-filled celebration, the guests were also provided a LUX BOX Comeback Kit featuring Band-Aids, Advil Tablets, Pepto Bismol Tablets, Breath Mints, a Gatorade Powder Packet, a Floss Pick, an Eye Drop Vial, and a Hair Elastic. 

Most importantly, the couple's personal logo, an image of their dog painted by a local artist, was featured on a simple yet classic seal holding the box ribbon in place and on the custom stationery designed to carry the couple's heartfelt letter to their loved ones. As a final touch, LUX BOX added this logo to a deck of playing cards to serve as a lasting memento!