Once in a while we book a project requiring us to go on location, and we love those! In mid-October we made our way to Martha’s Vineyard. This beautiful Welcome Box had a few delicious local treats and to assure the freshness and quality of each box we had to finalize assembling on site. Right off the ferry, our first stop brought us to Not Your Sugar Mama’s coffee shop where we picked up their organic chocolate bar. Our second stop was at Morning Glory Farm to pick up 105 fresh mini zucchini breads, they could not have been fresher as they were still warm! Then it was crunch time! We had to assemble and deliver 105 boxes in 12 different locations by 2pm! We made it as promised even with the heavy rains, and the difficult parking for the quaint inns on narrow streets, we were on our bellman and luggage cart! After the last delivery, we made our way back to the ferry and the sunshine finally came out just in time for the wedding festivities to begin.