It was so fun to design Chloé and Elling’s wedding gift boxes, we felt the same pressure we do for each project,  to deliver a high quality personalized product. Chloé knew she wanted a kraft and dark green color combination, and have a custom local map done by close friend (also a bridesmaid!) and graphic designer Alexa Terfloth from Seattle. Alexa has known Chloé since first grade and has done work for LUX BOX before, it was only natural to call her up!

Chloé and Elling LOVE to play games, a perfect date night for them is games, bottle of wine and snacks. We knew we had to go in that direction,  “Date Night with Chloé + Elling” became our theme. For games, a deck of cards with the custom map and dice were a must, it offers so many game options! A pad and pencils were added, this way the games can start instantly. We added 2 snacks, jelly beans for sweet and pretzels for salty, both favorites of our couple.