John reached out with a request to create gifts for his top customers, he wanted a box full of easily shareable delicious treats for co-workers. His emphasis was on high quality items, a task easily attainable from our group of amazing suppliers.

We wanted to include a variety of interesting Holiday flavors. We started with some of our favorite suppliers from Massachusetts, BisouSweet Lemon Shortbread cookies, Lark Chocolate Mint Sablé and 2 flavors of caramels from McCrea’s Candies. The Fatty Sunday covered pretzels are delicious, pretty and fun! We added peppermint malt balls, milk chocolate covered cherries, chocolate toffee pistachios and Marcona almonds for a salty treat!

We loved the Lark packaging so much we decided to let their cookie box be our design lead. We kept the labels fresh with a touch of green, the food was the focus point. A small note was added, everything was packaged in a kraft box tied with a dark forest fringed ribbon. We heard John received many compliments!