This box is very special to us! It is because of this project that LUX BOX was started. Our own Olivia was getting married and we wanted Ben and Olivia’s guests to receive a special gift representing our family and spring in Vermont.

Olivia’s grand-father in Québec is known for his delicious maple syrup and Olivia’s father is known as the best pancake maker. We knew we had a perfect pair. We were looking for a third item to add to the box when we thought about printing the weekend map, drawn by a talented cousin, on a 100% cotton dishcloth, this way the guests would have a useful keepsake.

The weekend schedule with things to do was included and a handwritten note to every guest from Ben and Olivia was on top of each box. The box was hard to find and it is actually a cupcake box, but it was a perfect fit.