Conception + Brainstorming

We work with you to brainstorm the perfect gift for your guests that is in theme with your event and within your budget. We send you a questionnaire to help the process and then we present you a detailed plan.


Product Curation

All products are carefully chosen to create unique gift boxes. We work with top quality suppliers. We are always on the search for beautiful products. Please click here to see our gallery of products we love!

Graphic Design + Artwork

We offer graphic design or artwork to create truly personalized gifts. We can also work with your logo and designs.


Calligraphy is an additional feature available for your gifts.

Handwritten Personalized Notes

We also offer to include a handwritten note in every gift.


Boxes, bags, stuffing and ribbons, all your gifts will be attentively assemble and ready to give to your guests. This is our favorite part!


Gifts in the Boston area will be hand delivered at the place and time we have agreed upon. We also offer shipping for areas outside of our driving capabilities!